ANIMUBEST: Anime, Manga & Video Game's Best.

Searching for the best animanga iconners.

Anime, Manga & Video Game's Best.
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ANIMUBEST: Like the OSCARS® but without the obnoxious musical numbers, fake tears & music to play you off stage while accepting your award. What you do get is an unfunny host. >:D

Welcome to animubest, the only awards community for anime, manga & video game icon makers in existence. This is a comm for makers to be nominated & recognized. We want to regognize the best of the best. Think Oscars but for icon makers, in this case anime & manga iconners. This community was inspired by magicawards & animebest.

Comm's run by pamkips, if you have any questions/concerns/complaints send them to me. I originally created this comm because I wanted everyone to recognize all of the talent in the animanga & video game icondom. Tbh this comm is just an excuse to hoard icons. Like I said if you have any issues, questions, concerns, drama, love you may contact me via pm or via e-mail.

& Finally
Please no drama. Be a good sport. You get nom'med, say thanks. You nominate someone, tell them. Enjoy this comm & have fun. These awards will happen once a year. :3

Few facts about nominations.
01. Nominations will be split up in different categories & posts.
02. You may nominate any maker you'd like as long as the maker has been active in the past YEAR. The cutoff for this year is July 2012. (July 2011-July 2012)
03. When nominating a maker you must provide the makers name, where they post their icons & 5 examples of their work. I'd appreciate it if you could reupload your icons to a different host & not hotlink the makers icons. Icons picked for examples must have been posted in the last year. (Between July 2011-July 2012) Finally, if you nominate someone: tell them. I'm 99% sure they would like to know, tyvm.
04. Makers nominated must have at least have 5 other lj user's seconding that nomination. NO SOCK ACCOUNTS PLEASE. IP ADDRESSES ARE IN EFFECT & WILL BE CHECKED. :l Please don't ruin the fun for everyone. For example (Copied from magicawards) someone was nominated for best coloring and 5 examples of their work were provided, that comment would have to have 5 more comments saying 'Yes I agree!' for her/him to move onto the voting round.
05. You may nominate as many makers as you'd like! There's no limit to how many iconists you can nominate/praise in this. :D You may also second as many makers as you'd desire! You just CAN NOT nominate yourself or second your own name, not sry2say.
06. If you're nominated you are allowed to say a thank you (just one PLEASE to the original thread to prevent spam) and you may provide up to five more examples of your work!
07. Nominations will remain open until JULY, 00 & TIME.
Few facts about voting.
01. Once nominations close, voting will commence.
02. Voting will be done w/ polls. Those polls will be open for about a week, once they close the results will be announced.
03. The 3 people w/ the highest votes will be awarded w/ 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place respectively. If there are any ties they'll be broken via polls. BASICALLY IF YOU WIN YOU WIN BRAGGING RIGHTS, WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT? DON'T YOU WANT TO BE ANIMANGA'S BAMF ICONIST? NO? OK.